Blog # 20 – Culture Shock

I investigated different stages of culture shock when I did this assignment. The four stages include: Honeymoon, Culture Shock, Adjustment and Integration. These stages describe how a person feels or react when they arrived at a new environment or culture differ from their own. As I was doing this assignment, I reflect on how I felt during the activity. It was scary at the beginning because Mr. Matheny dragged people into the classroom without warning, but with strange hissing and humming. After I entered the room, I saw all the girls sitting on the ground, but boys were sitting on the chair. I assumed it was part of a religious ceremony, and boys were more superior than girls. It wasn’t strange, since I can relate to it with my knowledge. It was common that male is more superior in many countries. Everything was as I expected until Mr. Matheny revealed the purpose of this activity. We shouldn’t judge others based on what we know.

In the Land of Albatross, women are sacred but men are not. If we think in our perspective. Men seemed to be treated well. Instead they are well fed and can sit on chairs because they will be sacrificed as an offer to the gods. After the ceremony women can share men’s belongings and eat their food. I was shock for a moment, but when I realized how little I knew, I accepted this idea and changed my perspective. I learned more through this experience than reading books at school. At least teachers didn’t come across this topic before. In conclusion, it is important for us to keep an open mind, so we can learn from others and see from a different perspective.


Until next time, I’ll see you later