5 – That’s a wrap!

Reflecting on my grade 11 school year, I’ve experienced many ups and downs, all of which have affected me in a positive way. Alongside academics, I had athletics all year round which started from volleyball, basketball, then ultimate, accompanied by swimming. At the end of the day, I was always left physically drained and with no motivation to study but on the positive side, I experienced many victories in sports this year! Balancing academics and athletics has always deemed a struggle for me and my lack of time management skills, but it is an ongoing task that I have yet to overcome.

In conclusion, I took a lot of L’s this year but they served as learning experiences. On the other hand, I also had a lot of positive things happen to me this year, which I am forever grateful for. Now I’m just happy that it’s summer so I can fix my bad and unhealthy habits and finally catch up on sleep…Just kidding, it’s time for summer school!  Here’s to new beginnings and summer adventures!!!!

Toki sio!