Blog #11: Tickets to Success!

I am ecstatic that it is finally the long weekend that we’ve all been waiting for! Thanksgiving is coming up and I am extremely thankful for this long awaited break after a hectic week both in and out of school.

As our Tonga auction draws closer by the day, my excitement builds by each passing moment. One of my proudest accomplishments this week was the completion of the design for our tickets! It was hard to begin the process, which I began with by compiling a list of ideas after thinking about the content and lay out. A significant challenge was finding the right platform to build our design on, as well as the initial confusion at a program that was new to me. After an hour of seeing which options produced which results, I was ready to begin the process. As I worked, the image of the ticket slowly came together from my mind onto my laptop screen.

When the I saw the finished the completion of our product, I was stunned by how perfect the image in my mind was displayed. I asked my fellow classmates for input on how they would like improvements on the design and presented them various options, which they all gave their best response to. I was so thankful that mostly all of us agreed on our favourite between the two and everyone provided some helpful critism! The whole Tonga team is happy with the design this year and we are extremely excited to begin the reveal and sale of our 2018 Tonga Tickets!

Eagerly awaiting November 22nd,

See you there!