Blog #3 Reasons to Smile

As the school year came to a close, we hosted another effort towards our coin drive, this one where we would have an area dedicated to us in Richmond Center so people could see posters about previous projects and ask us directly if they wanted to.

Some friends within the program asked if anyone would be able to help with the construction of a large poster, which I enthusiastically agreed to. It began with small dedications of lunch time in the yearbook room, with about 5 of us crowded around a single computer deciding between different photos. Despite not being to help out much with my limited technology skills, my friends who knew how to photoshop and such would take all our inputs and opinions and slowly build our poster. I began to love how accepting my peers were of each others ideas, and how we all came to an equilibrium in our opinions and contributed different standpoints. After revision, after revision, the colours and subjects within our poster became the face of our cause until it was finally finished.

I remember the amazement and pride I felt when my group first saw the poster enlarged. It was honestly beautiful, within pictures of Tongan kids, and our destination put onto a human sized poster board. I felt the kinship between my classmates while we set up our poster and previous project posters up for view. As people began to gain interest and left lingering glances at us, we began to see the challenges. Since we were limited to ask if people wanted more information in a small area, it began to feel like a box. But nevertheless, when a chance came up for us to present our goal to someone, the wait for that one person was worth it.

The process of greeting them, presenting them with our passion and the possibily of a donation at the end of the conversation became my reason to smile of that day.