Blog #16 – On track

As someone who works in customer service, you have to have patience. With time, you’re able to perfect the skills needed to tolerate certain customers. The ones who refuse to pay for things even though it its required to, not by the workers but the owners. The ones who hate waiting behind everyone in line, the ones who don’t speak the same language as you and of course the ones who are aggressively rude.

This week, I have encountered each of these types of customers at work. Being patient with all of these customers was a task, but the ones I had the most patience with were the customers who weren’t able to speak English. As they struggled ┬áto order a sandwich and coffee, it occurred to me that this is what it could be like on our trip. We wouldn’t be able to understand a majority of topics being said, but we would know enough to get by. Keeping that in mind, I tried my best to help out as much as I could with the other two languages I know.

By the end of my shift, I had watched many athletes from all over the world come through the Oval and Ocafe. It surprised me how  speaking English was such an easy concept to me, but to the customers who were struggling to order found it to be a barrier between our understanding.

Looking forward to learning more about our trip and the languages spoken,