Colts to Tonga #37: Lasts

Saturday morning. 10AM. Room 125.

GPers and GP parents filled up the classroom, all the seats, and even the area behind all the desks. Ms Sena kindly brought iced tea, coffee, tea, cookies, and a variety of baked goods to our official final meeting before we depart. For the first time, we saw the itinerary of our trip!

We filed out the door and crowded around the storage container as Mr Matheny passed out the backpacks. Reality finally began to sink in, we are leaving in a week, 7 days, and it seems as though I won’t be able to prepare all my packing and things before the departure time. I’m more than excited to arrive in Tonga, and even more excited to room with my roomies! A few days ago, we were given our room assignments, and I’ve been grouped with Sidrah and Ysabelle! I. Am. So. Excited!!!!! Both Sidrah and Ysabelle I am friends with, but neither of which I am very close with and it makes me so anxious to become the bestest of friends with the both of them!!!!!!

On another note, we have collectively planned a Pre-Tonga Picnic as a class before we depart! Hopefully, after this get together we will all be a little more comfortable with one another and perhaps even begin to build lasting friendships with each and every GPer.


7 days to go.