Colts to Tonga #25: House and Home

House – a building where a family lives

Home – a place where someone lives and feels they belong

I could never imagine life any different from how it is right now. My family, friends, school, and most importantly my home. My family and I recently moved into a mansion compared to our previous townhouse, and I am more than grateful for how quickly it changed from a bare structure purchased by my parents to a cozy home where I can be whoever I want to be.

Understanding that this may not be the same situation for all students and children, I am fortunate to be able to have grown up in a welcoming and accepting home. Not that everyone else lives in a less well environment, but many children, mostly foster children who’ve been given up by their biological parents have such as a reality. A large number of children in the foster care system are placed in multiple foster homes throughout their hard lifetimes, and frankly, many foster homes are more like foster houses. Foster families and homes can be hit or miss. The families could truly be accepting and want to invite children into their homes, whether it be temporary or become fost-adopts. On the other side of the spectrum, the worse side, families can claim to want the fosters to enter their homes, but eventually the children end up neglected and restricted by the parents and discriminated against by the kids of the household.

After binge watching and finishing up Switched at Birth, I’ve picked up a new TV show to continue my binging, called The Fosters. Throughout the show, Lena and Stef are moms to their three children, two of whom were adopted. The couple is in the midst of adopting two more, one of which is labelled as a high risk children in the system. The two kids are blood related, and have been put through 6 different foster homes, most that have been less than a good experience, before finally pairing with the Fosters.

Fortunate stories like that of the Fosters do occur in the real world, but cases like others also happen more often than we would all like to believe. Everyone, especially children, should have a warm and loving home to grow up in and to live their lives in happiness.


70 days to go.