Colts to Tonga #5: The Beginning of the End

It felt like summer had barely gotten started when it came to an end, and here we are again, in our last year of high school. I still remembering coming into RHS on the first day of school in grade 8. Excited, nervous, worried, anxious. Now, our class has become the oldest in the school, the “big dogs”.

The first few days as grade 12’s has passed by like a blur. Soon enough, boat cruise, winter formal, along with the rest of our grad events will come by as well. And even sooner than it seems, our class will be walking across the stage, ┬áreceiving our┬ápiece of paper that represents 5 years of studying, homework writing, and procrastinating. Our diplomas.

In all my past years of high school, every year had been approached differently academically. This year, being supposedly the most important so far, I am trying to start the workload with attentiveness, and also with as minimal procrastination as possible. Additionally, I have been making an effort to use my agenda every day and record all my assignments and tests which is something that I have struggled to continue with as the school year progresses.

Because of university applications and needing to keep my grades up as high as possible, this year will be both stressful and exciting, and will require my performance to be the best that I can do. Since many of my extracurricular programs have already been completed, like piano lessons and Saturday Chinese classes, I can spend extra time on taking more time to finish tasks instead of rushing them at the last minute.

Hopefully this last year at Richmond High treats us all well. Here’s to a fun and stress filled 12th grade.


190 days to go.