Chapter 19: Stop Clownin’ Around

And with just a click of a button that was it. I had completed my extended essay. I had to say goodbye to my essay baby and take a deep breath; it was all over.  And what brought this entire rigorous process to an end?

A customized expensive piece of milk chocolate rectangle with the letters “EE” written on it from Mr. E(E)astwood.

“If you had a smooth and sweet experience choose the milk chocolate, if the EE process left a bitter taste in your mouth…go for the dark”

This chocolate was definitely the most satisfying piece of chocolate I’ve had in my life. For way too long my google doc was named “stop clownin’ around”, alluding to my research topic of clowning in my essay.

Not only did I learn a great deal about clowns in this process, but I learned that we are able to learn so much about virtually anything with our access to the internet and other sources. This is something that people in other lower developed places simply cannot do. In a matter of seconds we can find out the information we need on our phones. We can educate ourselves on so many topics to a great depth by simply researching online. We have the freedom to learn about anything we want, from books, videos, and online. In a matter of hours I can suddenly become an expert on ladybugs due to the accessibility of information we have at our disposal. This opened my eyes to the privilege of it all, and motivated me to research about things I’m interested about not just because of school.

By the way, if anyone is down to read 4000 words about how Joseph Grimaldi influenced the physical attributes and characterization of the pantomime character of the Clown…hit me up!

P.S. To MINA AND BERNICE!! HI HELLO…I am honoured that my name is worthy enough to be mentioned on your blogs. YOU GUYS MADE MY DAY THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS. sorry for caps I got excited.