Chapter 17: Grind Time Prime Time Baby

“You are great! You are magnificent! You can do whateeeeveeeeeer you want to do in this world! Put yo’ mind to it put yo’ grind to it and you can do it! Get up, get out, get motivated get inspired get yo chime on today because you can! You are number one! I don’t know no two or three but I know you that one PERIOD. Don’t let nobody nothing to distract you from grind time prime time….”

Hey there you beautiful human you. Working hard? or Hardly working? You might have recognized the quote above from a video of a very motivational lady screaming at you from the inside of what seems to be a car.   I am here writing this blog to do exactly the same to you. Well, not the screaming in a car part, however I am here to hopefully sprinkle a little motivation in your life right now. This may not help everyone but nevertheless here are a few things I do to stay motivated and stay focused for some “grind time prime time”.

  • Take a social media cleanse  –> This can mean deleting apps for a period of time or even turning off your phone and giving it to your brother to keep until you have completed enough work
  • Procrastinate by doing other work  ->  I know procrastination is inevitable but you can also productively procrastinate as well
  • Drink energy drinks to stay awake -> Taking unmonitored naps afterschool are a risky and bad idea!
  • Take a walk outside -> Wow, the fresh air so motivating! I feel invigorated already!
  • Keep a visible timer in front of you -> Sometimes I think I’ll be getting lots of work done, but when I check the clock and how much I’ve done, I realize that I have just been singing along to bops and watching youtube

Here are also some positive things to keep in mind:

  • You do not equate to  your academic success
  • McDonalds Chicken Nuggets exist
  • There is a lot to learn from making mistakes, let us celebrate failures!
  • Education is an opportunity and privilege
  • It’s pho season
  • A good support group can do wonders to your mentality

Okay, okay I get it. Its easy to say I’ll do this and I’ll do that, but when it comes down to it, motivation is an internal battle that solely you are capable of fixing.  You’ll say you’ll do it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. Because by the time it’s tomorrow it’ll be today. It’s an endless cycle.

I might sound really crazy right now (I think it was that energy drink I had), and I’ll probably lose my motivation sometime during this week as well, however one thing I know for sure is that there is beauty in the struggle and how we overcome it.

Now that I look back, maybe I wrote this blog more for myself as a way to reflect and refresh my mind, or to reassure to myself that all that I’ve said is in fact true.

Keep on keeping on everyone!