22 / Starting Anew

Wow, the new year is here already?? Honestly speaking, 2017 was quite the year for me. Lots of things happened, good and bad. With every end of a year, I am always inspired to reminisce about the past: how I’ve grown and matured, and how I’ve overcome hardships. I know 2018 has even more in store for me, and it’s all going to come so fast. It holds an inexplicable amount of events that are ready to unfold; from finally embarking on our journey to Tonga, to starting a new chapter in the fall with post-secondary, to the many other stories that are yet to be discovered by me.

With school back in session, I have to shift my gears again to work mode. It’s time for me to focus up once again, to fix up my sleep schedule, and to get back on that grind!!

On another note, though, this winter break was too good for me. I was pretty spoiled, and I probably had way too many servings of all you can eat Korean barbecue and family gathering potlucks this winter. I was also blessed with plenty of time to catch up with friends and for gift exchanges. Sometimes, I wonder if they have Christmas in Tonga. Maybe Christmas will come late for them, in March when we get there.


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

– Anna


P.S. Check out this countdown I made: