Blog #12: Group 4 Project

This is of course, a bit late, but I still want to talk about my experience last weekend at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre for the Group 4 Project in IB. The trip overall was very interesting. The main focus of the whole trip was to design and execute a scientific experiment with the equipment and materials that they had over at the Marine Science Centre. We ended up doing our project on the Concentration of Chlorophyll in different types of seaweed that we found at a beach, Aguilar Point. The experiment was very intriguing, and I learned a lot about the obstacles that impede project design and execution. Our project was definitely not boring to do, and my group had no trouble gathering the data and making the presentation and poster to go along with it in the time allotted to us. Sleep was definitely an issue during Bamfield, especially since during the whole trip there was so much to do that it was hard to get enough sleep. Time management was also a skill that I enhanced during the trip, setting milestones and goals really helped to get the project done fast. I would definitely go again, and I would recommend anyone else who is thinking about going in the future. It is truly a great experience.