35: Blocked

While I was in Tonga, I could not wait to get back to my laptop so I could blog about all of the vivid things I had experienced. Now that I am back home, it has proven to be harder than I thought possible. More than often, I return back to this empty slate, attempting to think of a quirky title, and wondering  what exactly I can say to express how much love I have for Atata, this little island.

Do I talk about the children? There’s too much to say. The Resort staff? The generosity and hospitality they have given our class will make this blog a little too long. I hope to figure this out soon!! But in the meantime, I want to share about an emotional dream I had this past week.

I remember being very distraught about something that had happened and needed to remove myself from the situation. The next thing I know I am back in Atata with all the same smells, sounds, and people. The whole experience and tease of Tonga again was very overwhelming, now that I begin to reflect on it. The girl that I had talked about in my previous blog (Ansay) had come running to me and gave me a big hug, she was known for always being sticky and I can still vividly remember how her skin had the same stickiness! She told me that she missed all of us and how she has been very bored lately. After catching up with her, I had asked where the other kids were.

She took my hand and had taken me back to our project of our classroom. She pointed and I see all the children in the village playing in our classroom.  Although I tend to forget my dreams that occur, this scene in particular really struck me. Months ago, this trip seemed like a whole cloud of uncertainty, I had no idea what to expect and who to meet. I had no idea how we would build our project and I definitely had not expected this entire Island to fill my heart with an indescribable joy. To see that scene of all the kids I had come to know in those 2 weeks, playing in the building that we had built. It tied together what the whole trip encompassed. The building is built in the hopes of breaking the generational cycle of poverty where a lack of education, equals the barrier of obtaining a sustainable career. To see those kids just simply playing in the building, proved everything to be entirely worth it.

Living the dream,