34: Water Usage

Being on Atata showed me how important clean drinking water is, especially when there is a lack of. On one of our work days we had ran out of water and we were stuck in a predicament where we were unable to work to our full potential, as we had very little water to drink to replenish ourselves. For the first time in my life, I did not have access to clean drinking water.

The island was very small and was about a 25-30 minute boat ride away from the main island Nuku’alofa. So if there were every any supplies or services that they needed, the people of Atata would not be able to access them immediately. Taking showers in Atata was cold, and refreshing! One of something that we were constantly doing, was drinking water. Whatever activities we were doing, our bottle of water was definitely in hand. Their showers were saltwater and their tap water was as well. Our daily routines proved to be different as we always had to keep water in mind.

Stay hydrated!