32: Renewal

As the date of our departure draws nearer, I had to get my passport renewed in order to be able to travel internationally. As the passport office administration line is always long and dragged out, I kept thinking what my life was like the last time I had to renew my passport. I was in grade 7, and my mom had taken me to get my photo taken after my grade 7 graduation ceremony. Jumping ahead five years later, it feels as if I am a completely different person than that girl five years ago.

This time, I had bought the ten year passport, so it made me think about what my future looks like in ten years. It seems as if since it is our last year, we tend to think about the future and its uncertainty often. For some reason, it frightened me to think that I would be 28, and renewing my passport again. This also relates back to the time when I was asking the question of what my idea of success was, what do I want to achieve in ten years?

Blindsided by the question, I knew I had to come up with an answer quick. I came up with the answer that as a detail-oriented person, I always tend to plan 10 years in advance. But accomplishing it in ten years time is not my idea of success.

What my idea of success is that if ever things do not go my way, I am able to be secure in myself in order to figure out a way to get to that goal in any way, shape, or form. My idea of success the ability to adapt, and overcome all challenges in order to achieve the end goal while speaking to my character.

Counting down the days (which are very few!!!),