19: On my way!

One of our Global Assignments was to get together with several people in the class to watch a film, On the Way to School. Many of us crammed into Charlene’s house with (healthy) snacks in hand ready to see what this movie had in store for us. I was not expecting to reflect on my daily routines upon finishing the movie.

I recently got my driver’s licence a couple weeks back, and I have found myself complaining about the roads and drivers. After this film it made me not only appreciate my 6 minute commute to school, but the education I receive when I get there as well. With all of us Grade 12’s hanging on the edge of our seats waiting to see what our future will hold, I think it was an eye-opening film for us. As we like to think we are educated of the privileges we take for granted, we are unaware to how others in developing countries work with what they have, without complaints.

This film made our whole class willing and ready for our (not-so) far away trip in March to Atata Island in Tonga, where we are creating the impact of making their walk to school a little less, and their knowledge to grow enormously without boundaries.

I’ll get there,