6: The Bare Minimum

Recently, our class hosted it’s annual Car wash and BBQ, as well as our bottle drive. But, the event took so much more work than the day itself. As a class, we had to get a number of tasks done in preparation for this event. My experience of working in teams has taught me that 3 things are needed in order to have a cohesive unit: Communication, Compromise, and Charisma.

It’s no secret: fundraising can drain you. The constant rejection, and extra time put into it can be very exhausting. Going into the Car Wash planning I felt this as well, but then I thought back to that email 33 other students  and I received two months ago. Where the expectations of the Probation Period was laid out to us. The period had started from the minute we read the email, from when the wheels of the plane leave the ground in March. So the realization came to me that all of us had to work harder not just for our plane seat, but for  the cause we all truly support as well. We were all chosen for a reason, and one of the factors being if we were able to handle the extra workload that Global puts onto us as students. I’m looking forward to utilizing everyones strengths and weaknesses for us to pursue higher goals, for Tonga.

All my best,