Blog 32 Smartphones

This blog will be about some of the topics discussed in this video:


Feel free to watch it for yourself, but the video is essentially explaining how the Millennial generation (those born after 1994) are having difficulties with handling technology such as social media and texting. Nowadays, teenagers are constantly on their smartphones checking them right when they wake up, in the middle of the night, and even during meals. In fact, some even consider it as an addiction. During our trip to Tonga, we were not allowed access to the Internet, so we could not check our social media and messages. Personally, I did not think this would be a large issue for me as I am not as absorbed into social media as most people my age. However, I did realize that I was missing out on things such as daily news and other events happening around the world. I clearly remember the excitement that I had to check my messages when our plane landed in Auckland, New Zealand. Even though I was unable to check my social media, I truly believe that my experience  in Tonga was made better because of it. Without my smartphone constantly notifying me, I was able to live in the moment and hold more conversations with my classmates and some of the locals as well. The video also explains how social media sites such as Facebook can easily make people depressed as all we see are the good sides of people. I can honestly say that this is very true. Using Facebook, we really only see the best sides of people and none of the problems they are currently facing. After all, nobody would want to share their sad stories. The drastic improvement in technology has changed our modern way of life and as we continue to live we should be wary of these technological influences.