Blog 15 The Week Before the Auction Dinner

With little than four days left to the Silent Auction and Dinner, everyone is in a rush to prepare for the event. Tickets need to be sold. Booklets need to be made. Auction Items need to be photographed. The list continues on. I had the pleasure of designing the cover for the auction booklet. I selected an aerial view of Tonga, which I thought looked super cool and eye-catching. I also had the borders of the cover match the colour scheme of the Tongan flag. However, because we used cardstock to print out the auction booklet covers, the aerial image looked quite grainy. Even though the booklet cover didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, being pedantic about it wouldn’t solve anything, so we went with it anyways. In terms of auction items, we have some interesting things that will be put up for auction. However, what has caught my attention the most are the gift cards and certificates. We have a large selection of gift cards and certificates and some of them are from my favourite restaurants. It seems crazy that the dinner is in just four days, but I’m sure it will be a fun and memorable night.